About Percarin

Percarin, the greatest portal of Persian carpet industry, a large family with almost 400 years of experiences.

Our Story

Our story began from almost 500 years BC, when people from Persia woven colorful fibers together to create fascinating rugs to warm their houses! Making rugs among Persian became gradually a common profession from ancient times, as you could find handmade rugs in every house and palace during the history of Persia. Still today, Persian rugs and carpets are well-known for their magnificent designs and high durability throughout the world. We rose from the land of Persian rugs, Iran, where many regions are producing this treasure to make the world a more beautiful place. The patterns of rugs are woven into our souls, and we are a part of this precious culture.

“ Our mission is to make easy trading for Persian rugs and present a great encyclopedia from the magic world of this industry for every kind of audience globally. We help suppliers to meet millions of active traders and buyers by giving them the right tools and platforms and try to create safe shops and trade for our buyers in the world by providing diverse collections of Persian carpets "









Our Services

Percarin is a non-stop developing services platform for Persian carpet industry to fulfill needs of manufacturers, traders, dealers, buyers and costumers worldwide at anytime. From anywhere with any language, everyone can become a part of this family by only a mobile or contacting directly with our team.

For Suppliers

● Providing wholesale contracts and B2B trade
● Advertising and Branding for big and small manufacturers
● Teaching and guiding business digital marketing
● Professional Photography and documentation of carpets
● Holding online and offline exhibitions
● Secure and reliable door to door shipping

For Buyers

● Making high purchasing power by providing a variety of handmade and machine-made rugs with different prices and styles
● Guarantee all production
● Making efficient communications with verified and authentic manufacturers and distributors
● Inspection and monitoring of packing and shipping processes
● Holding tours and festivals of carpet weaving and fibers dyeing
● Connecting to the best local markets of Persian rugs
● Safe shopping with different currencies for any kind of customers 

Our Contact Information

Headquarter Office:
Isfahan, Iran

Canada Office:
Vancouver, Canada
+1 662-441-2652