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About Persian Carpet Industry

The Persian carpet industry has been a treasure for many years in Iran as it always has competition with the oil industry. It has a long history, although there isn’t enough evidence, its traces have been seen throughout history. This is not only an industry but a unique art that maintains Persian cultures and the story inside itself. Every spot and region in this eventful land, Iran, has its unique style of carpet weaving, telling Legends and myths of every tribe and lineage by abstract motifs. This honorable art is sourced from the minds and hands of weavers who women include most of them, people with pure hearts and beliefs that their lives tied with nature and its fascinating beauty. To create a noble Persian carpet, many processes have to take that are transferred from generation to generation. From spinning wool of nomad herds in colorful meadows in this land, collecting special herbs and vegetables for dying yarns to knotting them on warp and making abstract motifs. That’s why we call it an artistic industry!

Our Mission Is to Develop the Persian Carpet Industry

Here’s a place for all kinds of Persian carpets. We are here to provide a wide range of carpets, collecting from different types like machine-made and handmade carpets and more than 30 styles from traditional to modern styles. Our team tries to improve and maintain everything related to the Persian carpet industry also supporting manufacturers, markets, designers, and Persian carpet lovers by free consultation and recommendation.

We Cooperate With All Persian Carpet Manufacturers of Handmade and Machine-made Carpets

We collaborate with authentic Persian carpet manufacturers of both machine-made and handmade carpets. We embrace all carpet workshops in large towns of Iran, small villages, and among tribes to let them offer their productions. Also, all kinds of factories which produce Persian machine-made carpets are welcomed by our team. Here belongs to all Persian carpet producers, there’s no limitation to offer your products if you are a Persian carpet producer. We make you comfortable condition to connect with consumers around the world.

We Create a Connection Path Between Business Owners, Local Markets, and Manufacturers

Our team considered benefits for business owners to connect with diverse numbers of Persian carpet factories, workshops, and markets all over Iran by introducing a specific profile for a wide range of Persian carpet producers, designers, and markets.

We Provide a Reliable and Diverse Online Market for Customers All Over the World

Our team provides a huge number of Persian carpets for you, for all tastes and demands. We have one of the most completed collections of Persian carpets in many existing styles from all over the Iran of different types, machine-made and handmade. We don’t make any limitation in offering Persian carpets and rugs except collecting those carpets with high quality! All customers can experience one-step easy and secure shopping through our site. If you are searching for a unique Persian carpet, find what your heart desires here!

We Make a Special Platform for Carpet Designers

Here’s not only a place for manufacturers but also to present many talented and capable Persian carpet designers. Our team aims to support designers who are creative, innovative, and eager to connect them with precious situations.

We Gathered Every Style of Persian Carpet

Persian Carpets do not brief in a few designs and styles but actually, every spot of Iran has a special style inside of its heart. Everywhere you go in this country, you will find new designs and patterns, like an infinite way of motifs that seems will never stop. We brought all different styles of Persian carpets for you, from towns and villages near them to many unique tribes that are migrating through Iran. Also, we gathered modern and contemporary styles of the Persian carpet industry for responding to any tastes!

We Bring Comprehensive Information About the Persian Carpet Industry

Here’s a valid source for everyone to find whatever they want to know about the Persian carpet industry! Our diligent experts and staff have the vision to offer all general and specialized information about the Persian carpet industry based on their knowledge, great and reliable sources, and being up to date with large magazines and researchers of the Persian carpet industry.

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