Yellow and Gold Persian Carpets and Rugs

Splendid Persian Rugs Shining Everywhere

Persian carpets with the primary color yellow or gold may significantly draw attention, Especially with delicate patterns! So these rugs are a great choice for those who like to have attractive Persian carpets. Most of these carpets are woven with fine silk yarns because of their shiny type. Many professional carpet workshops in Iran, such as carpet workshops in Qom and Isfahan, use golden silk fibers not as the main color but also for delicate patterns and motifs among woolen patterns to highlight them (this technique is called Gol Abrisham). Employing these two sharp and vivid colors as a primary color in the background of motifs isn't common in Persian carpets because of Persian people's beliefs (they believe that art is a manifestation of divine beauty, so it should have dignity), therefore finding Persian rugs with a yellow and gold color as a primary color is a little hard. However, Persian tribes and nomads have more free souls and express their wild souls in their handwoven rugs by using more sharp colors. Also, today Qom is one of the important regions in producing Persian carpets with gold and yellow silk yarns. There are many natural resources that people use them to obtain yellow colors for centuries, such as Reseda, Turmeric, pomegranate skin, Saffron, grape leaves, and Safflower. These strong colors signify sun, summer, strength, and glory in Persian culture.

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Carpet Type
Carpet Style
Carpet Fibers
Carpet Size
Carpet Shape
Carpet Design
Carpet Origin
Handmade Gold and Red Persian Bijar Wool Area Rug 28
Handmade Purple Persian Qom Silk Area Rug QM01
Handmade Blue and Gold Persian Qom rug D02247G
Traditional Isfahan machine-made carpet MAH01
Machine-made Classic Gold Persian Area Rug 1342
Machine-made Classic Medallion Persian Area Rug  1559
Machine-made Classic Persian Acrylic Area Rug 1560
Handmade Modern Yellow Persian Wool Area Rug 2325607

Types, Regions, and Origins of Traditional Persian Carpets

There are diverse types of traditional Persian rugs with wonderful unique designs that were created in different regions in Iran. The main reason why Persian Rugs have infinite patterns is that they are products of several distinct areas. Every region in Iran has unique culture and customs that affect the style of their carpets too. Experts, researchers and artists divided these types of traditional Persian rugs according to towns and villages. These types that describe the origins of every Persian carpet style include: