Modern Persian Rug Styles

What is a Modern Persian Rug?

A modern Persian rug has been produced in Iran (Persia) within the last decades. Modern rugs are more stylish, featuring more abstract images. In terms of materials, traditional rugs were made using wool and cotton yarn, while modern rugs use synthetics like acrylic, nylon, or polyester too. These carpets make perfect additions to any room that requires a bit of color and a splash of style. Modern Persian rugs are the leading brand of high-quality, handmade rugs. Their pleasing designs, influenced by classic patterns in Persian art and new and bold colors, make them a must-have for your home. They're designed for usage as comfort, warmth, and beauty in the homes of people who have good taste in interior decoration and also attract oriental carpets. A Persian carpet is handwoven by master artisans on a simple hook-twist loom and has been provided in the world by Persian merchants for years. Today, modern Persian rugs are keeping on this way in an innovative way, using both traditional techniques and modern technologies to provide new designs and shapes of Persian rugs. They may not obey the common rules in traditional Persian rugs (like borders and standard shapes), but they all have Persian identity that you can find in the details of patterns!

Why to Choose Modern Persian Carpets and Rugs?

The Benefits and Features of Modern Persian Rugs

Modern Persian rugs offer a range of features and benefits, making them a popular choice for homeowners who are looking to add a touch of style and comfort to their homes. These rugs know how to fulfill a glorious taste by combining the elements of exquisite traditional Persian design with new and trendy aspects. Here are some of the key features and benefits of modern Persian rugs:

Contemporary design:

Modern Persian rugs feature contemporary designs and a modern aesthetic, suitable for those looking to incorporate a stylish and on-trend look into their homes.


Compared to traditional Persian rugs, modern Persian rugs are often more affordable and accessible, which is good for homeowners working within a budget.

Easy to clean:

Synthetic fibers are also easier to clean and maintain than traditional wool fibers, making machine-made modern Persian rugs a practical choice for homes with pets or children.


Many modern Persian rugs are made from synthetic fibers, durable and resistant to wear and tear. This makes them an excellent choice for high-traffic areas in the home, such as the living room or entryway.


Modern Persian rugs offer a soft and comfortable surface underfoot and can be used for bedrooms, living rooms, and other areas where you spend a lot of time on the floor.


Modern Persian rugs come in a wide range of styles, designs, and colors, allowing you to choose the perfect rug to complement your home decor.

Modern Persian Rug for Sale

With Percarin, you can find thousands of handmade and machine-made Persian rugs provided from many manufacturers. These carpets have the variety of designs, colors, textures which you can buy in different prices.

The Story of Modern Persian Rugs

A Revolutionary Toward the Modernity of Persian Rugs by The Machine-made Carpet Industry!

Though we believe traditional Persian carpets will never become repetitive due to their different styles, these rugs have been produced for many years from memorable or distinctive patterns. Until machine carpet manufacturers debuted, most Persian carpets followed some specified structures in every region, since their weaving procedures were identical in all handmade carpet workshops.
In the 1970s, these factories were gradually established in Iran, the pure country of Persian carpets. The first machine-made carpet was manufactured in 1974 by the legendary Lajevardi family's factory, and so the revolution began! Because the process of making rugs by machine required less time than the method used to make handmade carpets, the owners of these firms have a greater possibility of the risk of weaving multiple carpets with many different patterns. Many designers were drawn to these companies because they allowed them to be creative in developing patterns for machine-made carpets. While they were still motivated by tradition, they devised new designs. These carpets will soon replace handmade Persian rugs, not only because of their regular texture, but also because of their fresh patterns.
In Iran, machine-made carpet companies have become the most formidable competitors for handcrafted carpet workshops. People preferred machine-woven rugs over handmade rugs; while the quality and longevity of handmade Persian rugs were well-known across the world, the design of machine-made carpets became fashionable. This competition sparked a revolution in the handmade carpet industry as well, with newly founded workshops producing one-of-a-kind carpets with adorable modern yet Persian motifs!

Buy Machine-made Persian Modern Rugs Woven With Soft Synthetic Fibers

Now that you know the benefits and features of modern Persian rugs, especially those woven by machine, you can choose your ideal Persian carpet. Here, some of the best factories provide many machine-made carpets and rugs woven with soft and anti-allergic synthetic fibers and available in many different sizes and designs. These rugs are offered at affordable prices and trendy designs in a luxury and classic method.

Top Producers of Handmade Modern Persian Rugs in 2022

Today there are many workshops producing Modern handmade rugs in different regions of Iran. Among these manufacturers, some brands are pioneers and the most creative, producing rugs with fabulous designs and excellent quality. These brands were extremely risky and innovative in the Persian carpet industry, creating a high impression on the handmade rug business.

Mir Mola Soraya

Mir Mola Soraya is one of the most creative brands of contemporary Persian carpets established by Iranian artist who has expertise in Persian rugs and applied arts. The creator went beyond of common rules and despite great inspiration he got from Persian arts and cultures, he has created unique and unrivaled rugs in irregular and regular forms. Mir Mola Soraya carpets and rugs are combined with Persian literacy and calligraphy, represent minimalistic color combinations and patterns. Different techniques of weaving can be found in these beautiful carpets which telling a Persian story through a special typography or a unique form.

Hossein Rezvani

Another unique brand of modern Persian rugs is Hossein Rezvani (called by the name of its creator). Hossein Rezvani is an Iranian talented artist born in the third generation of a great family with strong background in traditional Persian rug production. As he grew through this wonderful Persian art, he took these beauties in his imagination until he produced rugs inspired by traditional Persian rugs in modern style. Hossein Rezvani is the first one who created the Patina rug style in this industry, which many other producers follow his style. Rezvani's rugs displaying the ancient history of Persian rugs with minimalistic colors and high-quality natural fibers woven in high knot density with patina patterns.


Zollanvari belong to a family with same name who started Persian rug (special Persian gabbeh rug) production from 1911. This family develop their production gradually by their amazing creativity and free imagination raised from their Qashqai roots. Zollanvari is the father of Persian gabbeh rug for over a century in Iran, though this brand is well known for other handmade carpets. The minimal design, eco-friendly material and natural colors in abstract motifs caused this brand to stay up in the world as one of the successful manufacturers of unique traditional and modern Persian rugs. Zollanvari rugs are cozy and warm, demanded by any taste!


Heidarian carpet is one of the most desirable brands manufacturing high-quality handmade Persian rug for more than a century. This brand history started from when a Bakhtiari women handwoven rugs became popular in the west of Iran and gradually the family started their business in Persian carpet industry. Arash Heidarian, born in the fifth generation of this family, leading the productions today with sweet creativity. He is one of the top producers of transitional Persian carpets, providing very beautiful Persian rugs highly inspired from Bakhtiari rugs, in vivid colors. Heidarian carpets include variety of Persian rugs with different designs, textures and forms which most of them are combined with modern tastes!

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Common Questions About Modern Persian Rug Styles

Modern Persian rugs refer to a style of carpet that combines traditional Persian design elements with a more contemporary aesthetic and, often, modern manufacturing methods woven in recent decades. These rugs belong to Iran, are produced by many professional workshops and factories, and are designed by modern artists who studied carpet and textile design; therefore, they can be either machine-made or handmade.
Traditional Persian rugs are hand-knotted rugs manufactured in Persia, now known as Iran, utilizing traditional techniques and designs passed down through generations. Modern Persian rugs, on the other hand, blend traditional features with a more modern and trendy style and can be machine-made or handwoven.
A modern Persian rug can be specified based on factors such as fibers, pattern, and colors. While traditional Persian carpets are woven entirely of natural fibers, contemporary Persian rugs may also use synthetic fibers. These carpets are inspired by traditional Persian motifs, however they are simpler and closer to minimalism. Furthermore, the colors utilized in current Persian carpets are brighter and more powerful, and they are employed more aggressively.
Even though modern Persian rugs include handwoven rugs with natural fibers, the new techniques of spinning fibers and dyeing make it easier to care for handmade modern Persian rugs. Also, Synthetic fibers are better to clean and maintain, making modern Persian rugs a practical choice for homes with pets or children.

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