Modern Persian Rug Styles

What is a Modern Persian Rug?

A modern Persian rug has been produced in Iran (Persia) within the last decades. Modern rugs are more stylish, featuring more abstract images. In terms of materials, traditional rugs were made using wool and cotton yarn, while modern rugs use synthetics like acrylic, nylon, or polyester too. These carpets make perfect additions to any room that requires a bit of color and a splash of style. Modern Persian rugs are the leading brand of high-quality, handmade rugs. Their pleasing designs, influenced by classic patterns in Persian art and new and bold colors, make them a must-have for your home. They're designed for usage as comfort, warmth, and beauty in the homes of people who have good taste in interior decoration and also attract oriental carpets. A Persian carpet is handwoven by master artisans on a simple hook-twist loom and has been provided in the world by Persian merchants for years. Today, modern Persian rugs are keeping on this way in an innovative way, using both traditional techniques and modern technologies to provide new designs and shapes of Persian rugs. They may not obey the common rules in traditional Persian rugs (like borders and standard shapes), but they all have Persian identity that you can find in the details of patterns!

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