Persian Wool Carpets and Rugs

What Is the Most Comfortable and Cozy Persian Rug?

Wool, a primary fiber of Persian rugs, is the coziest, warmest, most sustainable, and most durable fiber in Persian carpets. Persian wool rugs are comfortable and suitable for any decoration. They offer a variety of benefits that make them ideal for almost any home or business setting. Most handmade Persian rugs are woven with wool, especially rustic and tribal Persian rugs. Weavers make fine wool yarns from their herds; in Persian tribes, wool fibers are produced by hand. The Iranians have a particular time for spinning wool, usually shedding the wool of sheep flocks in early autumn or spring. Among oriental rugs, Persian wool rugs have the highest quality and are considered excellent eco-friendly rugs. They are long-lasting, easy to wash, and stylish. Many regions and areas in Iran use wool yarns as warp, weft, and pile in carpets. The result is a beautiful piece of art that will add color and character to any room in your home, while also providing comfort underfoot when you walk across them

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Carpet Type
Carpet Style
Carpet Color
Carpet Size
Carpet Shape
Carpet Design
Carpet Origin
Handmade Gonbad Persian Isfahan Rug
Handwoven Isfahan Persian Rug
Handwoven Isfahan Silk and Wool Rug
Handwoven Bakhtiari Wool Rug
Handmade Persian Baluch Wool Area Rug
Handwoven Persian Qum Rug
Baloch Wool Handwoven Rug
Handwoven Persian Shahreza Wool Carpet
Baloch Handwoven Rug
Handwoven Persian Carpet Shahreza
Bakhtiari Original Handmade Rug
Hand-Knotted Shahreza Isfahan Wool Rug
Hand-crafted Nain Qabi Rug with Wool and Silk
Original Shahrekord Handwoven Woolen Carpet
Shahreza Isfahan Exquisite Handwoven Carpet
Handwoven Pictorial Carpets of Shahreza, Isfahan
Exquisite Handwoven Nain Carpet with Luxurious Tree Design
Handcrafted Pictorial Wool and Silk Carpet from Isfahan
Exquisite Handwoven Qashqai Gabbeh Rug
Original Design Qashqai Shiraz Gabbeh Carpet
Handwoven Woolen Carpet from Shahreza, Isfahan
Traditional Carpet Shahreza Isfahan
Antique Khorasan Wool and Silk Carpet
Shahreza Isfahan Handwoven Yalameh Carpet

The Benefits of Wool Persian Rugs

Why Choose Persian Wool Rugs?

A Persian wool rug can be a valuable addition to any home. Wool is much stronger than cotton or synthetic fibers, made from sheep wool that lives on the mountainsides of Iran. This fiber is long and robust enough to withstand heavy foot traffic without fraying or wearing out. Most regions in Iran weave rugs with this cozy, soft, and warm fiber in different densities. Among different types of wool fibers, those that are handspun are better for their unique texture and brilliance. There are many reasons why people choose Persian wool rugs over other styles available today:


They are highly durable and can last for decades. Persian wool rugs are made from a tightly woven material that resists stains and wear-and-tear better than other rugs. This means that even if your kids run around on the rug all day, it won't show much wear and tear—so it'll last longer than other types of rugs!

Easy to Clean

You can easily clean them by sweeping them off or vacuuming them with a soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner, which will remove any dirt or debris from between fibers.

Beautiful and Colorful

The rich colors available in these rugs make them perfect choices for any room where you want something bold but not too bright or flashy; this includes children's rooms.

Easy to Store

They are easy to store when not in use because they fold up neatly into compact rolls that take up less space than other types of rugs do (this also makes it easier to transport them from place to place if necessary). You should only protect your wool rug against carpet moths!


They're highly eco-friendly! While they can last long, Persian wool rugs are friends with our planet earth. Wool fibers are biodegradable and turn back to our nature.

No Allergies

They have fewer allergens: Allergies are common among people worldwide, so many homeowners choose not to buy area rugs because they're afraid of what kinds of allergens might be lurking in their upholstery or carpeting. However, Persian wool does not contain many allergens at all—it's one of