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Common Questions About Facories:

Unlike handmade carpets, machine-made carpets are produced by giant industrial looms that increase the speed of carpet production. Most materials that are used in machine-made carpets are synthetic polymer fibers like acrylic, polyester, and polypropylene. The short time of the processes and cheap fibers make machine-made carpets more affordable than handmade rugs. Also, their designs are more accurate and flawless than handmade carpets as they were created by computers and woven by machine looms.
to ensure if a carpet is machine-made or handmade, try to look for three items:
1- look at the back of the rug, rugs that were woven by hand usually haven't equal and arranged knots but machine-made carpets have regular knots all in the same shape and sizes with a smooth back.
2- pay attention to the fringe, handmade rugs don't have sewn fringe while machine-made carpets have sewn fringe on the bottom and top of the rug
3- notice the carpet selvedges! handmade carpets usually have syndetic selvedges while in machine-made carpets selvedges are sewn.
machine-made carpet production includes three levels: spinning fibers, weaving, and finally completion. Fibers usually are polymers like acrylic or polyester. Machine looms are different, usually weave a limited amount of colors as far as we recognize machines by the number of colors they can use in the processes of carpet weaving. Reeds and densities are other aspects of distinguishing machines.
A carpet reed is one of the important standards to judge the density of a machine-made carpet, In other words, a carpet reed means the number of knots in one meter of the width of a carpet.
All machine-made carpets are distinguished by their fibers and reeds. You must notify the material and the density of a carpet.
First of all, vacuum all over the carpet! Try to remove any dust on the piles by vacuuming your rug. Put it in a proper place to make it wet with a hose and water. Add specific shampoo to the surface and brush over your carpet to remove stains and dirt. Rinse the surface and repeat adding shampoo and brushing the surface again to get rid of all specks of dirt. Use a dry towel to pull the water out of the carpet and then hang it on a sturdy rod to dry.

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