Shahrokh Carpet Company

One of the Most Certified Persian Carpet Companies

Among Many Persian carpet Companies, Shahrokh Carpet Company has an enormous assortment and is a well-known name in the Iranian carpet weaving business. A private enterprise produces genuine Iranian items using art and technology to create high-quality goods and distribute them to the public.
This non-profit organization has succeeded in attracting maximum customer satisfaction by using the best materials, machines, and skilled labor in the field of carpet weaving and attempting to improve the collection with creativity and updated art, resulting in increased sales success in Iranian markets. It has also grown into a global industry. This collection follows the stages of the carpet industry's evolution one after another, intending to foster Iranian art and support uniqueness and roots in the sector.

Shahrokh Company Specifications

Company's General Information

Carpets' General Information

Awards and Achievements

Shahrokh Carpet Company's Spotlights

● Verified and supported by Percarin assembly
● Using today's high-tech instruments in weaving best-quality carpets
● Benefiting from Belgian's authentic machinery (van deh wiele machines)
● High-quality raw materials with lint-free and allergy-free qualities
● Knowledge and research-based company with great goals
● Using possible minimum chemicals
● Authenticity certificate to fulfill the customer's desire
● With numerous services and amenities

Shahrokh Carpet Company Services and Policies

✔ Authenticated and verified by Percarin assembly
✔ Guarantee and warrantied by Percarin
✔ Shipping: Free shipping to Middle-eastern and Asian countries. shipping to other countries with the support of Percarin is available
✔ Supports: On-line 24-hour supports are available by Percarin assembly to fulfill customers' needs
✔ Authenticity certificates: Hard-copy certificate attributed by purchase
✔ Return: only carpets with deficiencies
✔ B2B orders: available with Percarin's providence
✔ Payments: Checks and online transfers
✔ Invoice: valid invoice

How to Keep in Touch with Shahrokh Company

Contact Information

Main Branches

Main branch:
Shahrokh carpet exhibition, No 3 Boulevard, Ravand industrial zone, Kashan, Iran.

Main branch working hours (Iran time zone):
Saturday to Wednesday :
08:00 - 16:00
Thursday :
08:00 - 14:00

Other branches:
Imam Reza boulevard, Kashan, Iran

Common Questions From Shahrokh Carpet Company

Because sizes other than those listed on the table are considered non-standard sizes, and we create in pairs, the Shahrokh carpet manufacturing factory can take any other sizes in even numbers.
The yarn used in carpet weaving is made of the following materials: 100% acrylic fibers are utilized in the production of 1200 reed carpets. Acrylic strands that are 100 percent thicker are utilized in 700 reed carpets.
Shahrokh company has numerous services and conditions for every purchase according to the customers’ demands. Percarin is the spot where the wholesale purchasing of customers is supported and guaranteed.
The following are the weights of Shahrokh Carpet Company carpets: 38, 39 kg, 1200 reed rugs, 3 and 4 pallets 40, 41 kg, 1200 reeds in carpets, 2 pallets Carpets 700 reeds, 39 kg
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