Persian Silk Carpets and Rugs

The Most Exquisite And Expensive Persian Carpets

Persian silk rugs are the most luxurious, elegant, and desired with the highest quality. They are also one of the most expensive types of Persian rugs today. Many people buy Persian silk rugs for decoration and investment because they can last for a long time and even increase in value over time. Silk woven carpets are incredibly durable and resist fading for a very long period. Sometimes, even after decades, this pattern does not fade at all. Another reason these carpets are unique and desirable is their softness, unlike other natural fibers. Silk yarns are mostly used in piles of handmade Persian rugs. In some regions, people also use silk threads for carpet wrapping because of the high resistance of these fibers. We can't say these fibers are eco-friendly, but they are a luxury and highly durable that producers of handmade and machine-made carpet choose (mostly handmade carpet producers). Persian silk carpets are expensive because of the complex process of producing silk yarns and the high delicacy of threads that make a high knot-density carpet. Actually, silk woven carpets are the most delicate Persian carpets, hard to incorporate for weavers, and take a long time to finish, but most fantastic designs are created in the end! For centuries, Persian silk rugs have been a symbol of wealth, power, and authority. Why? Because they are so expensive and beautiful! Nowadays, you can still buy top-quality Persian silk rugs at a fraction of their original price.

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Carpet Type
Carpet Style
Carpet Color
Carpet Size
Carpet Shape
Carpet Design
Carpet Origin
Handmade Blue Gonbad Persian Nain Area Rug 321231
Handmade Square Burgundy Persian Nain Rug 32130
Handmade Cream Persian Isfahan Silk Area Rug 321228
Handmade Allover Persian Nain Wool Mat Rug 321227
Handmade Blue and Cream Persian Moud Area Rug 019926
Handmade Persian Turkmen Silk and Wool Area Rug
Handmade Blue Persian Qom Birds Silk Area rug
Handmade Purple Persian Qom Silk Area Rug QM01
‌Handmade Antique Persian Qom Silk Rug 46480
Handmade Blue and Gold Persian Qom rug D02247G
Handmade Cream Persian Nain Medallion rug N003

Why Are Persian Silk Rugs Valuable?

Persian silk rugs are highly valued, luxurious, and expensive of all oriental rugs. They are very exquisite, long-lasting, and make stylish decorations. Persian silk rugs are made from high-quality silk yarns derived from domestic silk moths that breed in Iran. Making fibers from silk moths takes a lot of time and costs, which is why silk fibers are expensive. Furthermore, due to the delicate nature of silk yarns, Persian silk rugs have high knot densities. Generally, the design of a Persian silk rug is fantastic. The motifs are very detailed, and the colors are vibrant and brilliant, which makes the whole rug more gorgeous and elegant-looking. Between Silk rugs, those woven with 100% silk yarns are the most valuable. These rugs include silk yarns in warps and piles. Also, many origins and styles of Persian carpets offer high quality Persian rugs such as Qom, Isfahan, Kashan, and Tabriz rugs have some of the best Persian silk rugs. They are usually woven in carpet workshops in large cities with better facilities. You can find and buy diverse Persian silk rugs here, provided by the best producers in Iran.

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High delicacy: The Reason for High Price of Persian Silk Rugs

The finer the texture of the carpet, the higher the price will become. It means more time is spent for people to weave that rug. Persian silk rugs have the highest knot densities, including tiny asymmetrical knots, creating delicate, detailed designs. Silk itself is a delicate material and thus requires more care in the manufacturing process and cleaning and maintenance. Additionally, the intricate designs and patterns that are characteristic of Persian silk rugs and the soft and shiny texture of these rugs add to the overall cost. Finally, the fact that these rugs are often handmade also contributes to their high price tag. While the high cost of Persian silk rugs may be off-putting to some, it is important to remember that these rugs are indeed works of art. The care and attention that goes into their creation and the materials used make them worth the investment. A Persian silk rug is a perfect choice if you are looking for a luxurious and beautiful addition to your home.

Why Persian Silk Rugs are Expensive?