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The Most Exquisite Oriental Rugs From the Hearth of Persian Land

One of the most famous Persian rug styles, Isfahan, comes from the Isfahan region. An architecturally impressive city with shining carpets and buildings with a deep history. The city architecture itself inspires carpets. They are tied together with the best patterns and decorations in the factory. Isfahan carpet is a very high quality (cork wool in Iran) pile wool, usually cut pretty low, tied with silk or cotton material, with knots of up to 1,000,000 asymmetric knots / square meters or more. Many traditional designs are still in use, such as Shah Abbas flowers, vases, Tree of Life, and Pictorial Schemes.
The most popular design in Isfahan rugs is based on the circular central medallion with arabesque designs, displaying an immaterial garden homogeneous with mosque and palace tiles. It is a configuration Standing in front of an elegantly shaped field, adorned with ornate tendril palms and floral motifs.

Isfahan Rug Style Features

Arabesque, shah Abbas flowers, palmette, Medallion, mihrabi, hunring, Bid-e Majnoo

Beige, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Gray

The Pile is the good quality and fine wool or silk Weft: cotton yarn or silk Warp: cotton yarn or silk Knot density: 650 000 - 850 000 knots per m2

One of the main pattern, shah Abbas flowers represent lotus flower, a symbol of life and creation

Persian Handmade Isfahan Rug for Sale

Among miscellaneous types and styles of Persian carpets, the Isfahan rug is one of the best types of Persian carpets, woven with silk or fine wool and designed with delicate patterns and floral motifs. Most real Isfahan Persian rugs have floral designs and a central medallion with a dense pile. For many years before, and even now, Persian Isfahan carpets have had significant value, bringing precious oriental art with diverse colors into any space. Here you can find all types of authentic Isfahan handmade rugs, from antique to vintage Isfahan rugs, in glorious unique designs woven by high-grade fibers that are offered by the best carpet workshops in Isfahan city.

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The Story of Isfahan Rugs

Isfahan city, the capital of art and cultures in Iran, has always been a symbol of extraordinary Persian arts with a rich history. The city witnessed many honors in the Safavid period because of King "Shah Abbas's" artistic nature and support for artists and architects. In every corner of Isfahan, there is a sign of traditional Safavid patterns of graceful venerable flowers and leaves as tiles, plastering, and carpets. So Isfahan rug has its main designs from Shah Abass court artists, and they've been preserved for many years in harmony with tiles of ancient mosques, palaces, and schools. There are many masterpieces of Isfahan rugs in museums and significant collections around the world, such as the magnificent Emperor'sEmperor's Carpet in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Carpet with scrolls of arabesques and lotus flowers in the Louvre Museum, and many others in grand museums like MAK museum in Vienne, National gallery of art in Washington and Poldi Pezzoli Museum.

Isfahan Haghighi CarpetIsfahan Haghighi Carpet

How to Identify Isfahan Rugs?

✔ Most carpets featured traditional themes inspired by architectural patterns and tiles that graced the ancient buildings of this beautiful city at the start of Isfahan's revival as a carpet hub of high-quality rugs.
✔ The poets of Persia (Rumi, Hafez, Attar), nature, and religious, spiritual intimations firmly ingrained in the culture also influenced the designers. The palette has grown more pastel in contemporary objects, leveraging the technical precision and aesthetic flair of this "City of Art."
✔ Traditional patterns such as all-over Shah Abbas, Vase, Tree of Life, and Pictorial schemes are still employed, but the most common is based on a circular center medallion.
✔ Isfahan's antique/semi-antique carpets are more vibrant and toned than those of Nain, a neighboring city, is known for its superb handcrafted rugs.

Isfahan Machine-made Carpet Factories

If you tend to deal with and trade Persian machine-made carpets, Isfahan is one of the influential cities with great manufacturers and factories of machine-made carpets. Isfahan province has some of the best factories that produce and export high-quality and luxury machine-made carpets. These factories have good policies and services, provide the main machinewoven carpet and flooring covers worldwide, and present their diverse collections in the greatest exhibitions. Review some of the best factories of Persian machine-made carpets and keep in touch with them for your successful carpet trading.

Negin Soleiman Carpet Company

Negin Soleiman Carpet Company

Sheikh Safi Carpet Company

Sheikh Safi Carpet Company

Pazirik Carpet Company

Pazirik Carpet Company

Keramatian Carpet Company

Keramatian Carpet Company

Mashad Carpet Company

Mashad Carpet Company

Solomon Carpet Company

Solomon Carpet Company

Discover Isfahan Rug markets and Stores

Isfahan city has a significant history and culture that impresses its guests with the colorful traditional markets and mysterious houses inside itself. As Persian carpets in the Isfahan style are one of the most attractive and desirable souvenirs in this city, many traditional Persian markets offer antique, rare, and unique Isfahan rugs. Also, Isfahan is placed among the list of Iran's industrial cities, containing many high-grade factories producing various machine-made carpets with superior technologies and materials and many modern machine-made carpet markets. Start your search among the modern, traditional, and local markets of Isfahan city and also find online markets which distribute Isfahan rugs here in Percarin!

Upcoming Exhibitions Offer Isfahan Carpets

Many carpet exhibitions are held globally every year. Also, in many cities and villages in Iran, professional and exciting local and modern exhibitions are held yearly where many Persian carpet merchants, business owners, and producers meet thousands of visitors and exchange communication together. You can find a vast range of Isfahan rugs and carpets in Iran's international and local carpet exhibitions with great diversity, and connect with many carpet experts by getting informed of the date and the place of these specific exhibitions here!

Carpet Designers of Isfahan Rug Style

Isfahan is the city of traditional Persian artists. Many talented and precious artists live there and impact city culture with their fantastic artworks and handicrafts as they've inherited this heritage from their ancestors, Safavid artists. Carpet designing became a required art course during the Safavid dynasty as many Persian miniature painters turned to this field. They create the most wonderful designs for carpets as Persian carpet masterpieces belong to this period. Our team made a suitable profile and portfolio for all talented Persian carpet designers and Isfahan carpet designers for every producer and business owner worldwide to keep in touch with them!

Isfahan Machine-made Carpet for Sale

Isfahan is one of the most significant regions of Persian carpet weaving and workshops that contains worthy and unique rugs with legendary designs and patterns representing heavenly gardens. Isfahan rugs are woven in professional town workshops by skillful weavers under the control of accurate carpet experts. These masterpieces are woven with the finest and soft materials like high-grade wool and brilliant silk yarns. We offer some of the best and most high-quality Isfahan carpets, those that are produced by prominent Isfahan handmade carpet brands and workshops like Seirafian, Haghighi, and Asachi carpet. Discover our shop page and find your desirable Isfahan rug.

Common Questions About Isfahan Rug Style

Isfahan rugs are knotted on silk or cotton foundations with up to 1.000.000 Persian knots/sqm (there have been pieces done by Seirafian master workshop with greater knot count), utilizing extraordinarily good quality (known in Iran as kork wool) wool for the pile, which is generally cut rather short.
Isfahan, Iran, has long been one of the most important centers for the creation of the renowned Persian carpet (or rug).
Based on numerous factors and variations, authentic Persian Isfahan rugs may cost differently. for example, a perfect silk Isfahan rug may cost around 2000 dollars
Depending on the materials used in rugs and the protection conditions, They can last over 50 years. Isfahan rugs are one of those long-lasting carpet styles of Persian carpets woven in high densities and fine materials.
There are various methods and centers where you can ask for valid Isfahan rugs, but being a great center of more than 60 Persian rugs' styles and manufacturers, Percarin would be the best place to order your favorite rugs.

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