Keramatian Carpet Company

One of the Machine-made Silk Carpet Manufacturer of Iran 

Keramatian carpet manufacturing company has been working for more than a half century among Iran's best carpet weaving companies. To name some unique characteristics and features which have shaped its fame for customers, we can call it specialized in creating high-quality carpets with silk. Silk has always been the rare material used in carpet weaving for its quality and resistance compared to other texture materials. Using today's late techniques and machinery, Keramatian company has been producing the most exquisite carpets of Iran.
Also, compared to other companies, Keramatian company has been working on branding its name among national and international carpet companies. Being one of the most qualified guests in demote carpet exhibition, Keramatian company demanded and had experience in exporting to many middle-eastern and European countries as well.

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Keramatian Carpet Company's Spotlights

✔ Verified and supported by Percarin assembly
✔ One of the rare Persian- rug companies who use pure Silk and cowhide in their machine-made carpets
✔ With more than years of experience in manufacturing
✔ With the use of qualified late machinery and techniques, an excellent Persian carpet is manufactured after all
✔ A great familiar Brand among national and international users when it comes to branding
✔ Great export experience to more European and Asian countries

Persian modern machine-made rugs

Keramatian Company Services and Policies

✔ Authenticated and verified by Percarin assembly
✔ Guarantee and warrantied by Percarin
✔ Shipping: Free shipping to Middle-eastern and Asian countries. shipping to other countries with the support of Percarin is available
✔ Supports: On-line 24-hour supports are available by Percarin assembly to fulfill customers' needs
✔ Authenticity certificates: Hard-copy certificate attributed by purchase
✔ Return: only carpets with deficiencies
✔ B2B orders: available with Percarin's providence
✔ Payments: Checks and online transfers
✔ Invoice: valid invoice

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Main Branches

Main branch:
Mellat Boulevard, Isfahan, Iran.
Telephones: +98313625 5930

Main branch working hours (Iran time zone):
From 10 am to 10 pm

Other branches:

Common Questions From Keramatian Carpet Company

50 years of experience, having three main departments of manufacturing and designing, using the best quality materials and a lot of other factors to make the trust customers need.
Keramatian carpet manufacturing company presents diverse collections where customers can choose from. Among from the rich collection Keramatian carpet company renders Patina and cowhide carpets which use silk and cowhide fibers to ensure the quality customers demand.
Beside silk, cotton and cowhide carpets they have in their collections, another important collection of picture carpets are also important to notice and purchase from
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