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With almost 400 years of experience in the Persian carpet industry and trade in the birthplace of this unique tradition, Iran, we proudly announce that Percarin is the largest portal in the Persian carpet industry. We've made the most effective connections between myths of Persian carpet manufacturers and flawless factories to adept and great traders and distributors. The definite purpose of Percarin is to create communication routes to introduce the hidden treasures of Persian land and the best heritage of oriental carpets to the world. Start your Persian rugs and carpets business and trade via Percarin!

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Percarin has been the first authentic place for Persian carpet enthusiasts to look for and buy their favorite rugs.

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 Percarin offers a great variety of  styles and designs of Persian carpets.

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Why Persian carpets and rugs are priceless?

Persian rugs or the most exquisite of authentic Persian rugs might take months, if not years, to complete. In comparison to wool yarns, finer yarns such as silk and cotton produce light-weight and detailed patterns and take significantly longer to weave. 

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In Percarin you are able to view top Persian carpet trends and choose the carpets of the year for your taste

Persian carpets' designs and symbols

There are seven distinct types of carpets: Carpets with centralized designs, characterized by a large medallion, and others

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Here on this the Persian carpet industry, we provide a comprehensive journey where you learn about the whole process of  manufacturing carpets and anything related.

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