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Hossein Rezvani, an Iranian-German designer born in 1352, is active in the innovative design and production of Iranian handwoven carpets. He has been successful in receiving numerous awards from various exhibitions so far. By combining modern designs with a blend of traditional qualities of handwoven carpets, this artist has created works. He believes that preserving the position of Iranian handwoven carpets is synonymous with the characteristics of modern world art. Hossein Rezvan has revived traditional Iranian designs in contemporary interiors through his carpets. Since the establishment of his brand in 2009, Rezvani's designs have struck a fine balance between innovation and historical background. His approach to design is influenced by his dual identity. While his Iranian family has been involved in the carpet industry for over three generations, he grew up in Germany. Rezvani says: "The German part of my identity is more minimal, seemingly simpler, and calmer. My Iranian part is bold, rich, vibrant, and colorful."

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Hossein Rezvani Design Portfolio

Four Examples of Works by Hossein Rezvani

✔ The Tabriz Collection
The distinguished work of Hossein Rezvani, which he has named "Exploded," consists of a central paisley design, with its elements drawn outward and fading away from the frame. In this piece, the background of the carpet is made of wool, while silk is used for decorative elements.
✔ The Shiraz Collection

Shiraz city, with its gardens, tombs of poets, and ancient Persepolis, is located in Fars Province and gives its name to Persia (modern-day Iran). Patterns and symbols, like a grand medal, are self-expressed in the center of it. The vibrant red and brown are the predominant color characteristics of Shiraz carpets. Hossein Rezvani believes he has passed tradition through a modern twist, resulting in the mentioned piece.
✔ The Heriz Collection

typically features carpets adorned with geometric patterns, often highlighted with prominent medallion designs encompassing the entire piece. Hossein Rezvani has transformed this structure by incorporating additional medallion-like elements into a contemporary design.
✔ The Farah Collection
is a two-color collection designed in negative space, yet its intricate arabesque and Islamic motifs are visible. It represents a timeless modern model and a 21st-century Iranian carpet.

The Tabriz CollectionThe Tabriz Collection

The Shiraz CollectionThe Shiraz Collection
The Farah CollectionThe Farah Collection
The Heriz CollectionThe Heriz Collection
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