Farrahi Carpet Company

Creative, Technical, and Authentic Carpet Company

Farrahi carpet and textile manufacturing group started to operate in 1980 in Kashan with the grand plan of rendering the highest quality carpets to national and international customers. Being one of the most popular carpet companies in Iran, Farrahi carpet company employs three different spinning, textile, and design departments to ensure their never-ending quality and beauty. Having numerous ISO certificates and achievements for using authentic materials and technicalities, Farrahi carpet manufacturing company is now one of the most significant companies of machine-made carpets in Iran.

Farrahi Company Specifications:

Farrahi Company's General Information

Carpets' General Information

Awards and Achievements

1.Green Industry Award
2.2020 premier Exporting company
3. 2020 premier Brand
4. 2019 premier Exporting company
5. 2016 premier Exporting company

Farrahi Carpet Company's Spotlights:

✔ Verified and supported by Percarin assembly
✔  Using today's high-tech instruments in weaving best-quality carpets
✔ Benefiting from Belgian's authentic machinery
✔ High-quality raw materials with lint-free and allergy-free qualities
✔ Knowledge and research-based company with great goals
✔ Using possible minimum chemicals
✔ Authenticity certificate to fulfill the customer's desire
✔ With numerous services and amenities

Farrahi Company Services and Policies:

✔ Authenticated and verified by Percarin assembly
✔ Guarantee and warrantied by Percarin
✔ Shipping: Free shipping to Middle-eastern and Asian countries. shipping to other countries with the support of Percarin is available
✔ Supports: On-line 24-hour supports are available by Percarin assembly to fulfill customers' needs
✔ Authenticity certificates: Hard-copy certificate attributed by purchase
✔ Return: only carpets with deficiencies
✔ B2B orders: available with Percarin's providence
✔ Payments: Checks and online transfers
✔ Invoice: valid invoice

How to Keep in Touch with Manufacturing Company:

Company's Contact Info

Main Branches

Main branch:
No. 10,  Mojtabaei St., Dr.Shariati St., Tehran,  Iran.
Telephone: +982123548

Head office working hours (Iran time zone):
Saturday to Wednesday :
08:00 - 16:00
Thursday :
08:00 - 14:00

Common Questions From Farrahi Carpet Company:

The company's efforts to bring closer to costumer satisfactions by using modern technology of weaving machine and updated knowledge. High-quality fibers, different types of reeds and unique designs are some reasons you should choose their products.
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