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Mirmola Soraya (born 1357 AH/1978 AD, Ramsar) is an Iranian artist and designer, holding degrees from Isfahan Azad University and Tehran University of Cultural Heritage in the field of Bachelor of Carpets and Handicrafts. He is a modernist Iranian carpet artist and designer whose works have been exhibited in various parts of the world. Mirmola Soraya has dedicated many years of his life to designing carpet and felt patterns and is now internationally recognized beyond Iran. Mirmola considers his inspiration to be the mystical and philosophical motifs inherent in this art form, believing that his inner feelings drive him towards the captivating direction and immersion in this art. He has a track record of participating in solo and group exhibitions both domestically and internationally, including in countries such as the United States, France, Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait, showcasing themes such as Kilim, Kilim Carpet, and felt. Additionally, Mirmola Soraya collaborates with various companies as a senior traditional carpet designer in Iran, including Mashhad Carpets, Setareh Kavir Carpets, Almas Kavir Carpets, Ardehal Carpets, Heidarian Carpets, Shonahr Carpets, Diba Carpets, and top producers of handwoven carpets in Qom and Isfahan.

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Some of the Mirmola Soraya Collections

Cuneiform Collection
One of the oldest scripts used by humans for writing is cuneiform. This script is written in the space between two lines. In designing this piece, I started by drawing letters and individual elements inspired by these two lines. These patterns may evoke a particular letter from a written language of ancient civilizations.
✔Azin Collection
Mirmola Soraya has executed this collection, which aims to meet modern space's need for color foundations. The spatial texture structure echoes the structure between carpet and kilim textures, presenting a novel appearance and hybrid form; its completely modern weight and structure have not been seen before in the Iranian carpet industry.
✔Crowned Tree Collection
Mirmola Soraya has drawn inspiration from marine plants in this work. At the top of this piece, a design resembling a sea nymph is depicted, reaching out to delicate branches, and these branches extend into floating, parallel, and rhythmic strands that extend down the frame. In the "Crowned Tree," Iranian patterns are designed with inspiration from African tribal paintings.
✔Rostam Collection

Rostam is the name of a carpet with dimensions of 200 by 300 centimeters. The background of this work is woven from wool and silk, and the design on it depicts the final scene of the seven trials of Rostam, showing a corner of the battle between Rostam and the Div-e Sepid (White Demon), woven using the carpet technique and with silk.

Cuneiform CollectionCuneiform Collection

Azin CollectionAzin Collection
Crowned Tree CollectionCrowned Tree Collection
Rostam CollectionRostam Collection
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