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Mehdi Aghajani is one of the young designers of Persian Tabriz rugs who earned his popularity for his courage to use stunning, vivid colors. He's a master of delicate designs for rugs with high knot density and is appreciated for keeping up the traditions and beauties of Tabriz rugs, draw most of his designs without any computers!
Mehdi Aghajani was born in Tabriz, Iran. He graduated from the Art University of Tabriz in the field of Persian rugs in 2006 and started to work as a freelance designer. His works are not limited to rugs and carpets, but also wall art and wood carving. Currently, he's working professionally as carpet designers in Iran, Switzerland and Germany.

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Mehdi Aghajani Design Skills

✔ Designing for handmade Persian rugs with natural dyes
✔ Designing for machine-made carpets
✔ Excellent proficiency in using colors and making harmony
✔ Designing modern patterns for rugs
✔ Designing murals

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