One of the most diverse exhibitions of Persian handmade carpets in Iran

Qazvin Handmade Carpet Exhibition Overview

As Qazvin city has many handmade carpet workshops and producers, an exhibition of handmade carpets is held annually to develop this industry and make an efficient connection between manufacturers, weavers, designers, and traders. The Qazvin handmade carpet exhibition also attracts many other Persian handmade carpet producers from different regions, mostly from neighboring cities and provinces of Qazvin, such as East Azerbaijan, Zanjan, villages of Kurdish and Bakhtiari tribes, Tehran, Hamadan, and Qom. This exhibition is a great way to get to know the most significant manufacturers and find various kinds of original Persian handmade carpets like Shahsavan, Bakhtiari kilim rugs or silk-woven Persian town rugs.

Qazvin Handmade Carpet Exhibition Details