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Faiq Ahmed, a carpet designer born in 1982 in Azerbaijan and originally from Sumqayit, graduated from the Department of Fine Arts at Baku University in 2004. He is best known for his sculptures and their fusion with carpet art, creating abstract and surreal concepts. He sees carpets as models with complex symbols and strives to extract new content from them. Using digital technology and traditional carpet weaving machines, Faiq Ahmed challenges and transforms carpets, one of the oldest handicraft industries. His carpets come alive, rising from the ground, embracing each other, weeping, and turning into art objects. Each of Faiq Ahmed's carpets has a story that, if written, would undoubtedly be a surreal masterpiece, something akin to the guidance of blind buffaloes or Kafkaesque metamorphosis.

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The Categorization of Faiq Ahmed’s Artworks

✔ Sculptures
The combination of sculpture and carpet is evident in some of Faiq Ahmed's artwork. This unique artistic fusion, with surreal colors, evokes the concept of breaking tradition versus modernity in the viewer's mind.
✔ Installation Art

In this style, artistic elements are arranged in a limited space with three dimensions. This form of art is utilized to display artworks in space and volume.
✔ Exhibition Carpets
- Woolen Carpets Named "Epiphany":
 Disintegration, change, and transformation are among the important characteristics of Faig Ahmed's artwork. This disintegration can indicate a breakdown of tradition that has hardly occurred.
- Handwoven Carpet "Infinity"The "Infinity" handwoven carpet features nested squares, symbolizing an infinite volume that reflects humanity's endless quest for meaning. It represents journeys and arrivals that have no definitive end.
The Triptych of Characters Rug: Nizami Ganjavi, Shams Tabrizi, and Seyyed Yahya Bakuvi.

Combination of Sculpture and CarpetCombination of Sculpture and Carpet

Installation ArtInstallation Art
"Infinity" Handwoven Carpet"Infinity" Handwoven Carpet
Woolen carpets named "Epiphany"Woolen carpets named "Epiphany"

The Triptych of Characters RugThe Triptych of Characters Rug
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