One of the comprehensive handmade Persian carpet exhibition in Iran

Zanjan Handmade Carpet Exhibition Overview

Zanjan city in the north of Iran is almost one of the regions of the handmade Persian carpet industry, which is close to Tabriz, Heris, and Maragheh. Every year, a specialized exhibition for handmade carpets is held in Zanjan, where many manufacturers from Zanjan and even other important cities in Persian carpet trading gather. These producers offer varied handmade rugs from Tehran, Tabriz, Shahsavan, Qom, Mashhad, and even Isfahan styles. You can find and buy authentic handmade Persian carpets with stunning designs and colors of any type, such as flat weave kilim rugs woven by Persian tribes and nomads or high pile rugs woven in rustic and town carpet workshops. Also, this exhibition is an excellent opportunity for dealers and merchants who want to trade real handmade Persian rugs in the Tabriz, Heriz or Tehran design styles.

Zanjan Handmade Carpet Exhibition Details