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The Great Hotspot for  Diverse Tastes Worldwide

The result of well-equipped laboratories, quality assurance, and competent engineers and manufacturing specialists who work around the clock ensures that our valued customers receive high-quality goods. With skilled and qualified employees, Golbaft Bahador Textile Complex began its vast activity in carpet weaving in Aran & Bidgol, Kashan, in 1996, and has since built a favorable work environment for local people and non-native citizens. They have been able to supply our loyal clients with: Advances and procurement of new contemporary technology from famous worldwide firms such as Schoenherr and Vandewiele have enabled us to deliver:
carpets made of reeds with a density of 2550, Simple 1200 reed carpets with a density of 3600 and a 1500 KPM pattern,
high-bulk carpets with a 1500 design and a 3600 density. Aside from a wide choice of modern, fancy, and historical rugs in a variety of colours and sizes, woven using the best heat-set acrylic fibers from Turkey under the Amiran brand, which has amassed a massive following. All Amiran carpet goods have the seals of Iran's national standards and international standards.

Amiran Company Specifications:

Company's General Information

Carpets' General Information

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Amiran Carpet Company's Spotlights:

✔ Verified and supported by Percarin assembly
✔ Enjoying from the great range of European up to date types of machinery such as Schoenherr and Vandewiele
✔Equipped with European and Turkish heat-set acrylic fibers which guarantee Amiran company quality and excellence
✔Having applied national and international seals of standard
✔Having one the best carpets’ collection which render authentic carpets in diverse forms, shapes, sizes and types
✔One of the greatest carpet companies in Kashan which its quality and creativity surprises every customers
✔ An active agent in Demotex exhibitions

Amiran Carpet Company Services and Policies:

✔ Authenticated and verified by Percarin assembly
✔ Guarantee and warrantied by Percarin
✔ Shipping: Free shipping to Middle-eastern and Asian countries. shipping to other countries with the support of Percarin is available
✔ Supports: On-line 24-hour supports are available by Percarin assembly to fulfill customers' needs
✔ Authenticity certificates: Hard-copy certificate attributed by purchase
✔ Return: only carpets with deficiencies
✔ B2B orders: available with Percarin's providence
✔ Payments: Checks and online transfers
✔ Invoice: valid invoice

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Main Branches

Main branch:
Amiran carpet centeral exhibition, the old road, Shahidan Arbabi square, Aran and Bidgol, Iran.
Telephone: 00989133606462

Head office working hours (Iran time zone):
Saturday to Wednesday :
08:00 - 16:00
Thursday :
08:00 - 14:00

Other branches:
Sanandaj, Iran
Zanjan, Iran
Sari, Iran

Common Questions From Amiran Carpet Company:

According to the company’s long-term experiences, Amiran carpets bring different types of designs at a high-quality level to you. Almost all products are woven with the best heat-set acrylic fibers from Turkey with new and advanced machines reputable corporations such as Schoenherr and Vandewiele.
So many various types of carpets in a wide range of colors and sizes for all kinds of customers, both native and foreign, are produced in Amirian Company. From rugs with high densities of modern and classical styles to traditional kilims, Prayer rugs, decorative pictorial carpets, floor cushions and mats.
Amiran Company also has carpet-relevant products to protect your carpets such as “carpet shampoo”, different kinds of “carpet hump”, “carpet root protector” and “carpet stain remover”.
Export rugs are unique products of Amiran company’s carpets for sure. All rugs in this collection are woven in high densities with elegant texture and super unique design within classical and traditional standard Persian designs. The company tries to consider customers’ interests in different regions and cultures.
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