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Shirin is one of the young and creative designers of Persian rugs who designs according to the traditional styles of this beautiful, unique Iranian art. She was born in 1994 in Tehran and started to learn math until she found her love in Persian rugs' pure identity! She graduated from Isfahan University of Arts, one of Iran's most beautiful art universities, and now is one of the best artists at Iran Carpet Company. Her interest helps her to quickly progress in this field and learn how to create magnificent designs in traditional or modern ways, like digital designs. Shirin has a deep tendency for traditional patterns and motifs and contemporary motifs in Persian rugs inspired by European art. She uses excellent color harmonies in her designs raised from Persian cultures and spirits.

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Shirin Khashei Design Skills

✔ Familiar with all traditional motifs from all styles and types of Persian rugs
✔ Design digital patterns
✔ Design for Pile rugs and flat-weave rugs
✔ Design for handmade rugs with high knot densities
✔ Design for machine-made carpets

Shirin Khashei persian rug designer
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