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A Market for All Traditional Persian Carpet Lovers

Iran carpet lover club is seriously one of those handmade carpet markets for Persian carpet lovers with providing many traditional styles of best Persian carpet weaving regions like Isfahan, Tabriz, Kerman, and Qom. This market has a long story of two carpet lover brothers, who have been searching and exploring between tribes, villages, and cities to know and buy original Persian carpets of different regions. Now, this market is one of the best traditional Persian carpet markets in the historical city of the Safavid dynasty, Isfahan that is suitable for all lovers of traditional Persian rugs. Their productions are sourced from various workshops of different cities and villages of Iran, in different sizes, shapes, and designs but all are woven in their original style and professional workshops.

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✔ This market is one of the best among high-quality traditional Persian carpets.
✔ Iran's carpet lover club has almost all the styles of traditional Persian rugs
✔ The market’s town carpets are among the best and high-density carpets
✔ The Carpet Market introduces complete information about carpet styles and features and how-to-protect handmade carpets


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Posht Matbakh street, Naqsh Jahan square, Isfahan, Iran



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Carpet Lover Club is a market for those who are searching for traditional Persian carpets, particularly the town's carpet of very high quality and density. Although they offer many tribes and villages carpets from any region in miscellaneous designs, textures, and colors. You can find different types of Persian carpets such as kilim rugs, gabbeh rugs, jajim rugs, cushions and floor cushions all in the Carpet Lover Club of ancient Isfahan.
Carpet Lover club market provides almost all traditional persian carpet styles from town's workshops to village and tribes productions.
Despite many collections of traditional Persian rugs that the Carpet Lover Club provides, there are other carpet productions like carpet bags, cushions, and floor cushions in the market.
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