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Patris company is located in Dilijan, Markazi province, one of the industrial zones of Iran with a great range of carpets in different styles and types you can choose from. Patris company is famous for manufacturing various kinds of qualified polyester strings, which are woven to create the best. Also, spinning and crafting in different types and sizes is another advantage of this company. One great feature that the company holds is the dyeing of textile materials. Also, compared to other companies,  Patris company Features one of the most significant collections of carpets in different styles and designs.

Patris Company Specifications:

Company's General Information

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Patris Carpet Company's Spotlights:

✔ Verified and supported by Percarin assembly
✔ The best and the most qualified carpet manufacturing company which use Standard variations of polyester strings
✔ Containing one great collection of carpets in magnificent variety of types, sizes and styles
✔ The method of dyeing carpets for this company is with the latest machines which it highlights its quality
✔ Creative styles and designing
✔ Patris company is made of 3 separated units each devoted to quality and creativity of this great company

Patris Company Services and Policies:

✔ Authenticated and verified by Percarin assembly
✔ Guarantee and warrantied by Percarin
✔ Shipping: Free shipping to Middle-eastern and Asian countries. shipping to other countries with the support of Percarin is available
✔ Supports: On-line 24-hour supports are available by Percarin assembly to fulfill customers' needs
✔ Authenticity certificates: Hard-copy certificate attributed by purchase
✔ Return: only carpets with deficiencies
✔ B2B orders: available with Percarin's providence
✔ Payments: Checks and online transfers
✔ Invoice: valid invoice

How to Keep in Touch with Patris Manufacturing Company:

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Main Branches

Main branch:
No 15, Haft-e Tir square, Tehran. Iran
Telephone: +982188849736

Main branch working hours (Iran time zone):
everyday at 10 am to 10 pm

Common Questions From Patris Carpet Company:

Patris Company is among the rare machine-made carpet manufacturer that has individual units for producing machine-made carpets such as spinning and dyeing units. so every process will be under their control. also, the company has a list of high-quality Polymer yarn like heat-set acrylics for making healthy and resistant carpets in different styles.
All of Patris products have the national and international standard trademarks which fulfills customers’ desires.
Among many various forms and styles this company renders, Vintage, Modern, kids collections are among the special collections which fewer companies worked as good as Patris co.
Iran international trademark
JAS-ANZ’s certificate
CE’s certificate

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