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The Updated Carpet Market of Machine-made Carpets

Zandieh carpet market is a commercial building of different machine-made carpet productions with the goal of validity and quality, making a good reliable space between customers and producers. This market is one of the updated markets of machine-made carpets, connects to some of the best factories and brands to offer a diverse collection of traditional, classic, vintage, and modern rug styles for each taste with 5 unique collections in various sizes and shapes. Their productions don’t limit to rugs only but also related accessories like floor cushions. the market benefits experienced experts that put all costumers in the flow of carpet production processes with free recommendations and advice.

What Iran Zandieh Carpet Complies:

✔ Verified and supported by our team
✔ Zandieh markets introduce costumers with all processes of producing their carpet
✔ The market has a complete package of how to restore and protect your carpet
✔ Zandieh market is an agent of some best and updated machine-made factories like Armani and Merinos company

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North Hemat, Shiraz, Iran


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Common Questions From Zandieh Carpet Market:

Zandieh Carpet complex provides various types of machine-made carpets which have new and updated styles and designs. The market is connected to approved factories like Armani, Merinos, and Fendi Carpet factories which produce high-quality machine-made carpets in different reeds, materials, and prices!
Zandieh Carpet Market provides carpets and rugs in different collections of classic, modern, vintage, new woven, and kid carpets. The market also has printed and Colaris carpets with many diverse designs.
Among Zandieh Capet market's collections of machine-made carpets, it's a specific accessory collection that contains different types of floor cushions.

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