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The Unique and Creative Persian Handmade Carpets Market

Didar home is a handmade carpet marketplace with the preview of maintaining Persian Carpet originality. You can find many types of handmade rugs and carpets from high experienced carpet producers from Iran of different styles in tribal, rustic, and elegant town rugs. Also, this market has modern designs that suit each modern house and space. Quality and scrumptious define Didar home market’s productions. All carpets are categorized into 6 groups of new woven, kilim rugs, modern, vintage, antique, and runner rugs from different regions and workshops of Iran. if you are searching for carpets mostly in rustic and tribal style, Didar Home offers unique and creative rugs of these styles.

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✔ Verified and supported by our team
✔ Market has guaranteed the authenticity of carpets
✔ Didar home has one the best and luxury tribal rugs
✔ Didar home market is one of those handmade markets of both modern, conceptual rugs and kilim rugs and traditional style carpet for any taste

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Farmanieh crossroad, Pasdaran street, Tehran,Iran


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Common Questions From Didar Home Market:

Didar Home is a fine place to find handmade Persian carpets, especially those woven in rural and tribal styles. The market production has sweet and warm colors and designs in traditional and also minimal constructions. You can easily make a connection between your space and your ideal carpet from Didar Home!
Didar home offers carpets in 6 groups: new woven , antiques, modern, vintage, kilim and runner rugs. 
Yes! Didar Home is one of those rare great markets which has an antique collection of carpets from different styles and designs of different regions.

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