Shahr Farsh

Among the Greatest Carpet Markets of Iran, South

Shar Farsh is one of the most experienced Persian carpet markets in Iran, by sharing the greatest collections of traditional Persian carpets in various branches, Shahr Farsh has been a known name. Its carpet sale is mostly done on an electronic shopping basically which we offer the authenticity and reliefs for the customers. Shahr Farsh is an authentic carpet distributor and carpet market with eight years of specialty in selling, buying, or many great beneficial services of high-quality carpets of Iran, Shahr Farsh has shined in national/International. Having more than three main branches in Tehran and one in the north of Iran, this carpet market has tried to bring the finest and the most delicate carpets to national and international customers. Being the main portal of representing many authentic carpet companies’ productions, Shahr Farsh has stated its seat among competitive each day.

What Shahr Farsh Complies:

✔ Verified and Supported by our team
✔ One of the most experienced specialties in marketing and distributing high-quality carpets.
✔ Customer-friendly and fair prices.
✔ Having the most complete collections of carpets’ types and styles.

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How to Contact Shahr Farsh Market:

Azadi sq., Tehran, Iran.


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Common Questions From Shahr Farsh Market:

Yes! The market certificates their productions by Issuance of a 60 month written guarantee.
In case of not using the production till five days after your purchase and equivalent to the same price, you can exchange your purchase.
This market provides both handmade and machine-made carpets from reputable producers and workshops in many different styles of Persian carpets, From traditional to modern.
As this market is one of the greatest carpet markets in Iran, it has branches in Large cities of Iran such as Tehran and Isfahan. Shahrfarsh market has about 4 large branches in Tehran and 2 in Isfahan.

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